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  • Donation of €150,000 (€75,000 each to 2 government funds).
  • Applicant and adult family members must hold active Schengen visas.
  • Applicants who have been rejected by another EU country’s programs can notapply.
  • The investment properties should be kept for 5 years.
  • Due diligence will be carried out by a specialist foreign firm.
  • If an applicant is purchasing residential properties that have already been used by another applicant for their citizenship by investment, the amount will be increased to €2,500,000.


  • Minimum Property Investment – €1,500,000 + VAT (If Applicable)
  • Minimum Investment in Primary Residence – €500,000 + VAT (If Applicable)
  • Applicant – Clear Criminal Record, Must be 18 or older. Applicants name
  • must not be included on the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen within the boundaries of the EU.
  • Visit to Cyprus – One visit to Cyprus to register Biometrics and obtain PRPermit.
  • Processing – 6 to 8 Months after Property Purchase and Full Document Submission.


  • Applicant and Spouse.
  • Children Under 18 Years Old.
  • Adult Children up to 28 years old – provided they are financially dependent on their parents and are studying in an Institute of Higher Education.
  • Parents of the Main Applicant provided they have a primary residence of at least €500,000.
  • Citizenship is transferable to all descendants.



  • Travel to 157+ countries without a visa.
  • Same rights as European Citizens.
  • Take advantage of Cyprus multiple citizenship possibility.
  • Travel, live, work and study anywhere in the European Union or Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
  • Citizenship for the whole family.
  • Free movement of capital, services and goods.
  • Insurance against political instability.
  • Zero inheritance tax.
  • Possibility to rent out the privately-owned residence.
  • Access to high quality healthcare institutions.
  • The eligible investment is not limited to properties purchased for the first time.

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