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Medical Tourism and Wellness Treatment in Cyprus

Medical Tourism and Wellness Treatment in Cyprus

Medical tourism is a fast developing industry that combines medical and wellness treatment with a vacation.

Why choose Cyprus, among other destinations for your rehabilitation or post-surgery treatment?

Cyprus is uniquely positioned at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Cyprus is a modern country, member of the European Union since 2004, with its European culture and civilization that is stretching back to antiquity, has more to offer than all year around sunshine, alluring beaches, vineyards, historical sites and family oriented culture of the generally open-hearted and communicative people.

The main advantages of Cyprus as a Medical Tourism destination

Health Care in Cyprus is of a very high standard and is recognized by the World Health Organization as being of the same level as developed countries such as the UK and the US.
Cyprus attracts 2,4 million tourists every year, an increasing number of which are medical tourists.

One of Cyprus’ greatest assets is its human capital.  Most of the island’s doctors and physicians were trained at world recognized medical schools mostly in Germany, Sweden, UK and US, thus providing a valuable range of knowledge, experience and innovation. The English language is widely spoken throughout the island and a large number also speak Russian, German, Italian, French and Arabic.

Also, our spas provide holistic wellness using the broadest range of popular techniques for the mind, body and soul including mineral spas and hypnotherapy centers. Moreover, Cyprus has a unique variety of 674 healing herbs that can offer you an amazing experience during a local treatment.

The main advantages of Cyprus as a Medical Tourism destination are:

• Human capital and personal contact
• Modern, well-equipped technologically-sophisticated hospitals and clinics; there are 6 state general hospitals and approximately 80 private hospitals and clinics
• Hygiene, patient safety and security is of a very high standard (a number of our hospitals have managed to gain international accreditation whilst some others are in the process of doing so)
• Perfect telecommunication and transportation infrastructure with regular flights from Europe, Middle East and Africa
• Confidentiality
• English language is widely spoken
• Ideal weather conditions for post treatment recuperation. Very little pollution, the Cypriot shores are blessed with clear, warm waters with over 300 days of sunshine
• Highly educated, qualified doctors
• Value for money; extremely cost effective
• Quality
• No waiting lists
• Cypriot traditional hospitality

Medical treatments in Cyprus

All kinds of treatments are available in Cyprus. Based on statistics, the most popular medical treatments of interest to international travelers are the following:
• Check-ups/diagnostic tests
• Dentistry and plastic surgery
• Wellness treatments
• Phototherapy
• In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Cardiology
• Neurosurgery
• Orthopedic surgery
• Climatotherapy treatment (people suffering from Asthma and Seasonal affective Disorder).

The implementation of the European Directive for Cross Border Health Care in 2014 allows free movement of 450 million patients across the EU and a healthier competition under the umbrella of our National Health Service which is to be implemented in full by 2016.

Tourism Awards

The sustainable Destinations Global Top 100, an initiative of, VISION on Sustainable Tourism, Totem Tourism and Green Destinations awarded Limassol and Paphos in December 2014, with prestigious tourism awards. The basic selection criteria included the cleanliness of seawater, biodiversity of the regions and environment, socio-economic status, cultural heritage, lack of air pollution, low noise levels and quality of tourist information.

Limassol has been chosen as one of the 10 Travelers Choice Destinations on the Rise, regarding accommodation, gastronomy and activities in the area.

The Paphos district was awarded a gold medal for the quality of its coasts, and selected as one of the top 20 most clean, green and in harmony with nature, sustainable tourist destinations.
Cyprus has been one of the world’s best loved holiday and retirement destinations and is now one of the countries leading the drive to open up medical tourism and wellness treatment.


Source: Maria Zavrou – Board Member – KPMG Limited (2016)


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