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Medousa is a well established, privately owned and solvent, Class A Construction and Property Development Company in Cyprus

About Cyprus

Cyprus, which lies at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, offers you th emix of east and west. It has the magical combination of graphical villages, mountainous areas, amazing beaches, hospitable inhabitants, and the great Mediterranean food and dance which keeps theis place alive and breathing! It has that mystery and enchantment which makes visitors want to experience over and over again.

Message from the Chairman

At Medousa, we believe that our businesses must touch the lives of people meaningfully. We have been serving Cyprus as a trusted construction and development company for nearly two decades.
Our real strength comes from our commitment to the society. We believe in growing our business while enhancing the lives of people everywhere we operate.

Charis Hadjimitsis


Medousa Developers has been operating in the Construction Industry since 2000.

Investment Programs

An Immigration Permit under Regulation 6(2) gives Non-EU nationals the right to permanently reside in Cyprus. The recent revision of regulation 6(2) is in line with the Cyprus Government’s objective to stimulate and increase foreign investment in areas other than merely real estate.